The Home Improvement Experts of Bob Vila Explore Gutter Guard Costs, Featuring LeafFilter by Leaf Home

The answer to “How much does LeafFilter cost?” depends on a number of factors such as total number of gutter guards needed, how accessible the gutters are, labor rates, and the pitch of the roof. HomeGuide reports that LeafFilter systems typically cost between $2,700 and $6,800 for materials and labor.

According to Mike Gori, VP of product development, research, and development at Leaf Home, “LeafFilter offers free, at-home estimates to provide an accurate cost based on the size and complexity of an individual’s project. Factors such as home size/shape/style, as well as the condition of the current gutters, are all taken into consideration when giving a cost estimate. We also offer financing and discounts for seniors and military personnel.”

Understanding what drives LeafFilter costs will help homeowners understand the LeafFilter price when they receive the estimate and possibly help prepare them to negotiate the price with the company. Homeowners interested in choosing the best gutter guards will want to consider several common factors and their associated costs.

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