Talent Development

Our Most Valuable Asset: You!

At Leaf Home, we’re lucky enough to have the advantage of retaining, developing, and promoting our talented employees throughout their career journeys. While we’re constantly welcoming new team members into our offices, we understand the powerhouse of talent we’re already fostering. No matter what department, we empower our people to create their own development opportunities by providing an array of tools. Here are a few examples.
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Percipio Training

Through our partnership with Percipio—an online learning platform that provides easy, participative training—we help you meet corporate training requirements for your role at Leaf Home along with courses that will support your professional and personal development goals. Percipio offers flexibility to take classes at times that work best for you in various formats, allowing employees to find a configuration that fits their learning tastes.
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Annual and Milestone Reviews

We know that feedback is a gift, and we believe in providing honest, timely, and specific reviews to help employees work toward their full potential. Whether annually or for a milestone, employees rate their own performance in addition to the manager’s comments. These two perspectives can help provide insights that allow for richer discussions and performance calibration so that alignment for success is possible.
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Goal Setting

Collaborative goal setting and performance metrics are crucial to the success of Leaf Home and set the stage for each employee’s growth trajectory. By working with your manager and department to create goals, you have the opportunity to challenge your development and further Leaf Home’s business priorities. We win together through a collection of individual achievements and collaboration. 
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Upward Mobility

We need people who want to grow and improve with us, so those who understand the Leaf Home culture, have demonstrated achievements, and have a passion for success can apply for newly created or vacated roles. Some of our best team members make lateral moves to new departments, deepening their skillsets and knowledge base. In addition to having access to new opportunities on our internal job board, we encourage employees to have open conversations with their managers to discuss their career goals. 

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