LeafFilter 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide

Leaf Filter Gutter Guards gutter guard buyers guide


We’re just at the beginning of fall, as Halloween is just around the corner. The fall cleanup list continues to grow, and there just isn’t enough time to get everything done. Unfortunately, a large majority of homeowners cut corners and don’t maintain the gutter system on their home, which can lead to serious roof and foundation damage.

Many homeowners don’t understand just how vital the gutter system is when protecting a home. LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection, the nation’s leading gutter protection company, has released the 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide™ to give homeowners the facts about their roof and gutters.


With release of the 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide™, LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection has given consumers a document that will answer any question that relates to gutters and gutter protection. Homeowners now have a resource to assist in understanding the benefits of a gutter protection system.

“Every home and every roof is different, so it becomes essential for homeowners to do a little research and understand which gutter protection system is the best fit,” said LeafFilter™ owner Matt Kaulig. “We put the 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide together to give homeowners the information they need before making a decision.”

The 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide™ provides all the information you’ll need to understand the gutter system on your home and the integral part gutter guards play:

• Why Gutters Are Important
• When and Why Gutters Fail
• Types of Debris That Clog Gutters
• Protecting Your Roof Warranty
• Different Types of Gutter Guards (Homeowner vs. Professionally Installed)
• Understanding Warranties and Guarantees
• How Gutter Guards Are Priced

A large majority of consumers don’t even realize the purpose gutters serve, most homeowners just hate the menial task of cleaning out dirty and disgusting gutters. When in reality, the gutter system ensures that water is correctly diverted away from the home, which greatly reduces the chances of roof, structur, and foundation damage.

Understand the importance of gutter protection

The LeafFilter™ 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide™ explains just how vital the gutter system is to keeping your home and family safe. Additionally, the 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide provides information covering clogged gutters. The homeowner will then understand what causes clogged gutters and what can be done to prevent the serious damage associated with clogged gutters.

A quick and simple download of the 2013 Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide™ will allow the homeowner to never again drag the ladder out of the shed to clean out gross and rotting sludge from the gutters.

“Once a consumer recognizes the importance of gutter protection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that just anything on the market will get the job done,” said LeafFilter™ VP of Installation Joe Roschival. “A lot of gutter guards have holes and openings that allow debris into the gutters, which leads to damaging and disgusting gutter clogs. Homeowners need to do a little homework and research to ensure the right fit.”

Ensure the integrity of your roof with LeafFilter™ Gutter Guards

Many homeowners also don’t realize that some gutter covers can do damage to the integrity of the roof by installing underneath the shingles. Once the roof and shingles are altered, the roof warranty is voided, leaving the homeowner more than one serious issue to deal with.

To learn more, the 2013 LeafFilter™ Gutter Guard Buyer’s Guide is available as a free download at LeafFilter™ Gutter Protection’s website.


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