LeafFilter Wins Weatherhead 100 Centurion Award

LeafFilter has been recognized by Weatherhead School of Management in their annual Weatherhead 100 award for the fastest growing companies in the Northeast Ohio region. This year, LeafFilter was presented with the Centurion Award, which is a special award outside of the normal Weatherhead 100 list that recognizes companies that have met specific sales requirements for the past 5 consecutive years and has met a minimum amount of net sales for the calendar year prior to winning the award.

Winning the Centurion Award is a rare accomplishment – only eight companies were granted this award in 2017, and LeafFilter placed number 3 on this elite list. Winning this award is a testament to LeafFilter’s drive to spread the gutter protection revolution across North America. The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and is slated to expand even further in the years to come. Yet the company’s territory certainly isn’t the only reason LeafFilter has excelled in the last five years.

LeafFilter’s employees represent the top talent in Northeast Ohio and beyond. This driven workforce allows LeafFilter to operate seamlessly. On top of this, the company’s sole product – LeafFilter Gutter Protection – is a state-of-the-art invention that outperforms the competition in every way. Homeowners trust LeafFilter to solve one of their biggest problems – clogged gutters. These factors and more have allowed LeafFilter to grow into one of the biggest home improvement companies in North America.

With the latest recognition from Weatherhead School of Management, LeafFilter renews its commitment to providing top notch service to homeowners. The company is honored to have been recognized by Weatherhead School of Management and looks forward to continued growth in the future. Learn more about the product behind the name at LeafFilter.com.

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