LeafFilter of Salt Lake City Open for Business

LeafFilter has done it again! The company has opened a new office in Salt Lake City, Utah, marking its 47th office opening since 2005. This latest office will provide service to Utah residents for the very first time, marking a great opportunity for the company.

“Witnessing the rapid growth of this company I’ve built from the ground up is so humbling,” says Matt Kaulig, the company’s founder and current owner. “Our team is truly one of a kind. I can’t wait to see our LeafFilter family come together, and introduce Utah homeowners to our product.”

So, what, exactly, does this product do? Well, at the most basic level, LeafFilter gutter protection ends gutter cleaning for life. But, perhaps even better, the product protects homes from damages that can escalate over time, and even prevents the need to climb that dangerous ladder every time the gutters fill with debris. This not only saves the homeowner money over time, but also some of the biggest headaches of homeownership.

With its advanced design and lifetime warranty, homeowners that invest in LeafFilter can rest assured that their gutters will remain debris-free for life. Sitting on top of gutters like a lid on a box, the fine micro mesh backed by sturdy vinyl keeps everything out of your gutters – except water, of course. Eliminating the need to clean gutters provides homeowners with peace of mind, and that’s what the company is most proud of.

“We’ve been waiting to offer homeowners in Utah access to our top of the line product for a long time,” says Jeff Beck, the President of LeafFilter. “We’re so excited to finally give those homeowners the answer to a huge problem, and to help keep people off their ladders!”

The company looks forward to meeting Salt Lake City homeowners, so, if you’re a homeowner in the greater Salt Lake area, be sure to fill out our free-estimate form today. And, if there isn’t a LeafFilter location in your area, keep checking back! There may just be an office opening near you soon!

Now open for operations in Salt Lake City:

LeafFilter of Salt Lake City
2492 West Custer Road, Ste 1480
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

About LeafFilter™ and LeafFilter™ North, LLC
LeafFilter North, LLC is an international gutter protection company, currently consisting of 47 offices within the United States and Canada. With further growth slated in the near future, the company has nonetheless maintained its standard of excellence through it all. LeafFilter has been recognized as a top performer in the home improvement industry, and has been independently rated the number one gutter protection system available on the market.

From the product to the people, LeafFilter outperforms the competition in every way. With LeafFilter’s lifetime, transferable warranty, homeowners enjoy the benefits of clog-free gutters for life, guaranteed. Preventing severe damages, such as mold and mildew growth, foundation damage, flooding, pest and insect infestation, and much more, LeafFilter keeps homes safe for generations to come.

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