LeafFilter Gutter Protection Announces New President

LeafFilter has announced Jeff Beck as its new President and Chief Operating Officer, effective September 19, 2017. LeafFilter’s Owner, Matt Kaulig, will step down from the Presidency, which he’s held for over 12 years, but will remain active in his position as the owner and CEO of LeafFilter.

Beck has worked at LeafFilter for three and a half years and has most recently acted as LeafFilter’s Chief Operating Officer. He has played a crucial role in the development and growth of the nation’s largest gutter protection company.

“I’m incredibly excited to work hand in hand with Jeff Beck as we continue to evolve as a company and expand our reach,” says Kaulig, “Beck’s leadership has been instrumental in growing our company into the organization it is today, and he has been an incredibly strong leader here at LeafFilter.”

Prior to joining LeafFilter Gutter Protection, Jeff was a partner in a technology consulting firm and LeafFilter was a client. By identifying key productivity enhancement opportunities, LeafFilter quickly realized that Jeff would be an incredible asset to the team. In 2014, Jeff was brought on to work full-time for the gutter protection company.

Since his involvement at LeafFilter, Jeff has transformed the shape of the organization by leading the vision, strategy, and implementation of the technology at LeafFilter. During his time with the company, Jeff has implemented a custom ERP application that manages all facets of the business. His technical initiatives have allowed each functional department to be more successful and make better business decisions by leveraging key metrics and analytics. By advancing technology throughout the organization, Jeff has not only assisted with LeafFilter’s growth and development, but his operational improvements and automation have made the company more efficient and structured.

As President and COO of LeafFilter, Beck will now lead the company’s long-term strategy and guide the company’s future growth.

About LeafFilter & LeafFilter North, LLC.

LeafFilter North, LLC is an international home improvement company, specializing in a single product – a revolutionary gutter protection system. LeafFilter Gutter Protection features a surgical grade, stainless steel micro mesh backed by a rigid vinyl body. The system sits on top of existing gutters like a lid on a box, effectively keeping debris out of gutters for the life of the home. LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading, lifetime, transferable warranty.

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