Author: Maureen Beard

PFAS & Planet Earth: Tracing the Environmental Impact of Forever Chemicals 

Imagine turning on your tap, expecting clean water, only to find it’s tainted with harmful chemicals. This scenario is a ...
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Woman applying make-up

From Vanity to Safety: PFAS in Beauty and Personal Care Products 

Have you ever wondered what’s lurking in your beauty bag? The truth is some of those beloved products might be ...
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Plate of Healthy Food with Fork and Knife

PFAS on Your Plate: Navigating the Unseen Dangers of PFAS in Food 

Have you ever paused mid-bite and wondered exactly what was in the food you’re eating? Well, if you haven’t, it ...
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Drinking Water Week 2024

Make Every Drop Count: Drinking Water Week 2024

In its pristine state, water is fundamental—not merely a basic need but the foundation that sustains life. It hydrates us, ...
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mother with her two children cleaning dishes and smiling together

Earth Day 2024: Choose Filtered Water vs Bottled Water for a Greener Future

Water is essential to all living beings and an everyday companion to humans around the globe Yet, how we choose ...
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Asian woman drinking from reusable bottle while jogging outdoors hydrated exercise

Hydration Hacks for the Active Season: Maximizing Performance with Hydrated Exercise 

For many, the warmer months usher in a fervor of spring sports leagues, outdoor adventures, and an eagerness to revel ...
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Woman filling glass with tap water from tap in kitchen, closeup

2024 Better Water, Together Report 

Are Americans really drinking ‘better water’? Explore perceptions and attitudes towards tap water today.  There is a surprising contrast between ...
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Close up Double Basin Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink and Faucet no water stains

Preventing Water Stains: A Spring-Cleaning Guide for Tackling Hard Water Woes 

Spring heralds a season of renewal, prompting many to embark on the annual tradition of spring cleaning. However, this season ...
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Smiling woman with headphones and laptop sitting at the window drinking clean water.

Clean Water & a Healthier You: Tips to Achieving Wellness Goals 2024 

Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often find ourselves navigating complex diets, exercise routines, and a maze ...
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Couple hiking in winter, drinking hot tea. Close up pouring tea in mug.

Winter Hydration: The Winter Warrior’s Guide to Staying Hydrated 

As the temperatures drop and the winter months set in, the importance of winter hydration doesn’t diminish—it becomes even more ...
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