6 Popular Home Renovations To Avoid This Winter at All Costs

When you’re stuck inside during the cold months of the year, you might be tempted to start a home project. Every little blemish in your home that seemed like it wasn’t noticeable before is now a huge deal since you’re spending more time cooped up. However, there are some renovations that you should just pass on, especially with costs going up due to inflation.

Large-Scale Renovations

You might think winter is the optimal time to finally add on that extra bedroom, but Mike Peck, VP of installation for Leaf Home Safety Solutions, would beg to differ.

“This year, inflation, an impending recession, supply chain issues and a rise in residential construction costs mean it’s time to rethink larger home renovation projects in favor of smaller, more affordable options,” Peck said. Instead of completely remodeling your kitchen, maybe you can opt for just changing out the flooring instead.

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