LeafFilter CEO Jeff Beck Recognized In Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards

On June 27, Jeff Beck was recognized as one of the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in Northeast Ohio, an honor received through the Northeast Ohio Smart 50 Awards presented by Corporate College. The award recognizes workers for focus on and achievement in innovation, impact and sustainability.

“I am truly humbled to receive this recognition,” explains Jeff Beck, Chief Executive Officer of LeafFilter. “It has been an absolute pleasure to witness firsthand the changes that LeafFilter has undergone as a company, from our expansion to the West Coast to the expansion of our product portfolio under Leaf Home Safety Solutions.”

Prior to joining Leaf Home Solutions (Leaf) in March of 2014, Beck owned a business consulting firm in Northeast Ohio and used technology and data to deliver results. In September of 2017, LeafFilter announced Jeff Beck as its President and Chief Operating Officer, allowing him to further implement innovative technology to drive results.

Beck has played an essential role in the growth of LeafFilter and the other Leaf Home Solutions brand, Leaf Home Safety Solutions. In 2018 alone, Leaf expanded to include 10 new offices, a trend that has continued into 2019. Now with 61 offices, LeafFilter Gutter Protection continues to be recognized as one of the top home improvement companies in the nation.

About LeafFilter® and LeafFilter® North, LLC

LeafFilter is the leading provider of gutter protection in the industry. The sole product – LeafFilter Gutter Protection – features a 50 micron fine micro mesh backed by a rigid vinyl body. Sitting like a lid on a box, the product allows nothing but water to enter gutters. LeafFilter is proud to provide an industry-leading lifetime, transferable warranty, and no-clog guarantee to its customers. The company currently consists of 62 offices throughout the United States and Canada, with additional expansion on the horizon. For more information about LeafFilter Gutter Protection, please visit www.LeafFilter.com today.

About Leaf Home Solutions

Leaf Home Solutions is an industry leading direct-to-consumer business, providing patented and high-value solutions that enhance the safety of the homeowner, and preserve and enhance the value of the home. Our solutions, LeafFilter and Leaf Home Safety Solutions, increase the comfort and ease of living in your home, while decreasing the burden and risk of maintaining it. Leaf Home Solutions serves customers throughout the US and Canada from 64 direct customer service delivery centers. Our deep understanding of our significant and growing customer base is underpinned by direct, personal engagement with our customers in their homes, and sophisticated, data-driven and multi-channel customer identification capabilities. Our highly trained field sales and service colleagues directly engage with our customers at their homes, resulting in industry leading, direct and honest customer service and satisfaction. For more information, please visit www.leafhomesolutions.com

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