Leaf Home Optimizes Customer Service with Uber Freight Partnership  

Leaf Home prides itself on breaking the mold in the home services industry with its core mission focused on delivering quality products and services on time, locally, and at scale. No matter what customers are having installed—a gutter protection system, walk-in tub, water purification system, or stairlift—Leaf Home offers an end-to-end experience that establishes trust.  

Maintaining and improving this customer experience starts with the supply chain. Historically, Leaf Home managed logistics manually, using outdated processes that cost the company time and money. The company’s solution was to modernize transportation management by partnering with Uber Freight in July to onboard and implement an automated TMS. While the partnership is in its early stages, Leaf Home’s logistics team is excited to leverage technology solutions such as real-time visibility and system routing, which are poised to up-level all elements of its supply chain operations. 

“Our team needed to get more creative and proactive in how we move our freight. Leveraging a modern TMS that could improve cost savings, shipment tracking and consolidation is what drove us to Uber Freight,” says Matthew McKinney, Director of Logistics and Distribution at Leaf Home. “Our goal as a company is to not just efficiently book freight with our carriers, but book our freight in the best possible way.”  

At the time Leaf Home partnered with Uber Freight, the logistics team used a largely manual process to manage operations, supported by a few disparate TMS software solutions that were time consuming to manage separately. By adopting Uber Freight’s TMS, the company will be able access every solution they need through a single platform.  

“We’re consolidating three systems into one. This will help us become more efficient at tracking shipments, and gathering data to understand the performance of our transportation modes and carrier lanes,” says McKinney. “Although we’re not fully integrated with Uber Freight’s TMS stack yet, we’re already seeing the possibilities and it’s pretty exciting.”

The support of a full team is also crucial to ensure successful implementation. Already, having Uber Freight experts drive the onboarding process is empowering Leaf Home’s team to effectively manage supply chain operations. Prior to the partnership, Leaf Home’s logistics team was often tied up in project managing its TMS solutions, from uploading software to fixing technical glitches. With Uber Freight’s team on every step of the integration, Leaf Home can remain focused on daily logistics processes, thereby benefiting customers with even more reliable delivery and service.

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